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April 8th

Working my *** off my entire life didn't make me responsible with money, but when it comes to my girlfriend, I can't say that I spend a lot on her. She makes money for herself, has dignity, and with a few exceptions, we pay for ourselves whenever we go out. But, seeing her mood change in the last few days, after the short walk around downtown Cozumel today, we went to a lingerie store where I bought her three pairs of sexy underwear, which is still a kind of selfish gift that should spice up our game. The atmosphere was heated for the rest of the day, and everything culminated in the evening when my roommate went to the crew bar and gave us space to create a lifetime memory. Laying on the bed and waiting for her to come out of the bathroom, I set a short-term goal to avoid falling asleep and screwing everything. After a long wait, she finally showed up wearing the black underwear, but instead of attacking her like a tiger, I remembered our first conversation when she told me that everybody except her grandfather back home was in good health and connected that to the black underwear. "What happened? Did your grandfather die?" I asked her. I was foolish to say that, but she was extremely horny and didn't let one stupid joke destroy a promising night. Both on fire, we checked the next Kama Sutra position and took the mattress to the floor. Everything was going well, but unfortunately, my roommate entered the cabin while we were in the Catherine Wheel position.

“We have to talk later," he said to me and left the cabin. My roommate caught us naked, which was very uncomfortable, but that didn't stop us, and we finished what we had started. "We can't continue this way," he said when he returned from the crew bar. "If you want to keep fixing your girlfriend in our cabin, you must pay me $5 a day." After the one-time fee for the master key that I bought from the Romanian guy and the weekly fee I pay to the linen keeper for taking as much linen as I want, this was going to be another, this time daily expense for me, but I did some quick math in my mind and agreed to his blackmail. I'm not sure I would have come up with the idea to ask for $5 a day if I was in his shoes, but for sure, I would have gotten pissed too.