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December 7th

The atmosphere on the open deck this morning was great, and the guests were enjoying the beautiful weather, with a few hundred clouds protecting them from burning. By noon, the pool was full of people, but the weather changed an hour later, and heavy rain started pouring. Almost all the guests left the open deck at the speed of light, and only a few stayed, obviously enjoying the rain. With the wet shoes as the only concern, I could say that I enjoyed the shower too, but once I started collecting the wet towels, a physically beautiful couple approached and tried to make me feel guilty for the weather. They were different characters, and while the woman was pretty loud, the man seemed pretty ashamed. "This is unacceptable. We booked this cruise after viewing an ad on TV, and on the ad, the weather was gorgeous, not even cloudy. This isn't what we paid for with our hard-earned money. I will go now to the guest relations desk," she shouted. Staying silent in the rain for a few seconds, I reminded myself of my close and not-that-close family encouraging me to get a wife. "What if I get married to a woman like this?!?" was the only thought I had at that moment. After a few seconds of silence, I told them how sorry I was for the rain and expressed my hopes that the sun would come up again shortly because we are in the Caribbean, where rainfall is rare and usually lasts only minutes. 

My past working experience is entirely different from what I encounter now. Previously I was working in a group of only a few people, and not only that they didn't have dramatic complaints, but in one situation, a colleague completely cut off his index finger on his left hand with an electric saw and threw it to a dog because he was too busy to go to a hospital and get it sewed up. Now I face large groups of people, and there is every kind possible. I have a hard time understanding some of them, so I have to find books on human psychology and read them when possible. I may need more time, but doing my job here isn't enough.